Saturday, 4 December 2010

The weather.....

It's been very cold here. 13 inches of snow and temperature have not risen above freezing all week. It seems the northern spirits have come far south this winter. We have more than enough firewood so we will not be cold this winter.

I'm back!

I have taken some time off to reflect.

Anyway where's my nice picture gone in my title?

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Enemies of reason part 2

Aelwyd y Ceirw: Enemies of reason: "Frank said...
" You should read our news page covering reburial in which we explicitely state that we support the study of these ancestral remains but once this study is completed with samples retained for future analysis, then we believe that they should be reburied in sealed containers."

If so why are the Stonehenge Druids protesting. Part of the license for digging up the bones is they are to be returned within two years. Mike Parker Pearson has asked for a two extension because of the amount of study involved.

So why are the Stonehenge Druids protesting when they are going back anyway? Is it because they want media attention?

" You mislead yourselves if you think that disturbing the graves of anyone from anytime or from any tradition does not desecrate the sacred peace of their resting place. "

Then I suppose you know what the tradition of peoples bones are? We don't know what their context of desecration or sacred is , if indeed it had any meaning to them what so ever. The trick that the Stonehenge Druids use is by using emotive language like sacred, desecration and dishonour. There whole argument to based on their emotions, what they are saying is their feeling are being hurt. Not really a good reason to stop scientific discovery.

"How can you seriously suggest that actually revering the ancestors and believing in the old gods is fundamentalism? I call it faith."

I'm not. I'm saying that if anyone doesn't agree with your beliefs then you insult them.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Ministry of self-importance

Looks like the Stonehenge Druids are giving me a laugh again.

"lNews Flash
Mike Parker Pearson has applied for a two year extension to the amount of time available for his study of the Aubrey hole 7 ancestors.

We have requested a stakeholder meeting to explore the rationale for this and to understand what if any scientific advantage would result.

Our current position remains opposed to any extension and requires eventual reburial"

Do English Heritage have meetings with every group that has a opinion?

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Autumn's tale

The winds turns icy and cold.
Pulling upon golden leaf.
The Wintersmith spreads his silvery dust.
Lugus turns south.
Shadows grow longer.
Ancestors grow nearer.
Swallows go south, geese go north.
Pleiades and Orion march from the east.
Day and night.
Night and day have reached a balance if only for a few days.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Enemies of reason

I've been debating on a online forum with the leader of the group called

They stand for the reburial of human remains because it is a "desecration".
This small tradition called paganism had a even smaller tradition called Druids and within this small tradition has a small group who want the remains reburied.
The leader Frank said I was dishonouring and desecrating the ancestors because it's my view that these bones could lead us to have more knowledge about them and to hold onto the bones for future work when and if new technology becomes available.
How do we know we are "desecrating" their graves? We don't know anything about their theology.
The view of desecration comes from modern values, it is not their views as we have no evidence.
If they want real change that effects everyone then I want real evidence that this is desecration.
The reason they are protesting is because their feelings have been hurt.
Should a very small minorities beliefs affect the rest of the population? Should we deny everyone's right to have knowledge of their own history just because a few people feelings are being hurt?
Should we waiver to every single belief just because it might offend? What would the world look like?it would be like treading on egg shells.
I've found this group and other like them to be a huge embarrassment, they write to English Heritage complaining that their " ancestors "have not been reburied. They use threatening language when other pagans have opposing views to theirs calling us "pagans"dishonourable and lack respect for our ancestors and will be excommunicated. Saying that Pagans for archaeology are using mis-information, but when asked for references none are given.
I would like this message to go out to all the archaeologist that it's only a very small minority who have this view, some of us are undecided and some of us support your work.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Devotion to the Gods

I've been thinking over the last week I should really spend more time in devotion to the Gods.

Say a avatar of a God for a week with daily praying. I have inside my head plans for a altar and pray stall, but more about that later.

In the mean time I carved(in the loosest term of the word) a avatar of Belenus