Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Enemies of reason part 2

Aelwyd y Ceirw: Enemies of reason: "Frank said...
" You should read our news page covering reburial in which we explicitely state that we support the study of these ancestral remains but once this study is completed with samples retained for future analysis, then we believe that they should be reburied in sealed containers."

If so why are the Stonehenge Druids protesting. Part of the license for digging up the bones is they are to be returned within two years. Mike Parker Pearson has asked for a two extension because of the amount of study involved.

So why are the Stonehenge Druids protesting when they are going back anyway? Is it because they want media attention?

" You mislead yourselves if you think that disturbing the graves of anyone from anytime or from any tradition does not desecrate the sacred peace of their resting place. "

Then I suppose you know what the tradition of peoples bones are? We don't know what their context of desecration or sacred is , if indeed it had any meaning to them what so ever. The trick that the Stonehenge Druids use is by using emotive language like sacred, desecration and dishonour. There whole argument to based on their emotions, what they are saying is their feeling are being hurt. Not really a good reason to stop scientific discovery.

"How can you seriously suggest that actually revering the ancestors and believing in the old gods is fundamentalism? I call it faith."

I'm not. I'm saying that if anyone doesn't agree with your beliefs then you insult them.


  1. The Protest is happening because the intent to keep the remains was cited by archaeologists at the time of exhumation.

  2. I'm so sick of these people. I love the 'sealed containers' thing: cos that's like, really natural, innit?! You have to laugh, I suppose.

  3. what bugs me (amngst a multitude of things) is:

    We have requested a stakeholder meeting to explore the rationale for this and to understand what if any scientific advantage would result

    surely with such a vested interest in these burials you would look into what is being down with them? there is a VAST amount we can tell from the bones, and probably as technology develops even more will become apparent.

    'Animist' vies such as ERO's who say the bones need to be allowed to decay away so they become one with the land again doesnt seem to factor in the fact that these bones probably wont decay any more because the soil is so alkali. hell, maybe they were buried here BECAUSE they wont decay - maybe they were buried so in order to prevent their souls reincarnating or getting inot the place of the dead. like an eternal catholicesque limbo

  4. What ever the Stonehenge Druids say their opinions are only modern. They can not speak for the dead. There whole campaign is going badly as it seems to be going the opposite way.

  5. They provoke a reaction with their irrational behaviour that ultimately justifies their stance that: They are the only ones who understand & KNOW everything about the ancestors.

    What could the evil academics, non pagans & patriachal institutions ever know being so disc0nnected with the earth, Mahn!