Friday, 13 November 2009

Ministry of self-importance

Looks like the Stonehenge Druids are giving me a laugh again.

"lNews Flash
Mike Parker Pearson has applied for a two year extension to the amount of time available for his study of the Aubrey hole 7 ancestors.

We have requested a stakeholder meeting to explore the rationale for this and to understand what if any scientific advantage would result.

Our current position remains opposed to any extension and requires eventual reburial"

Do English Heritage have meetings with every group that has a opinion?


  1. These people are *twats*. I'd be delighted if they all fell in an Aubrey hole, myself.

    I suspect that in psychological terms the massive bleatathon about reburial is a kind of inflationary tactic growing from an unconscious feeling of fraudulence and inadequacy. In other words, people like the reburialites *know*, deep down, that they are merely playing dressy-up, enacting their feeble fantasies about antiquity and their own nobility. Shouting loudly and being a public nuisance about a manufactured 'issue' allows them to ignore this. Just my 2p's worth.

  2. That's more than 2p worth. You are absolutely right. Empty vessels make the most noise.

  3. "We have requested a stakeholder meeting to explore the rationale for this and to understand what if any scientific advantage would result."

    fucking morons.

    i think that about sums it up.

  4. it takes a bit to get me into action once my arse has hit the sofa on a friday night, however, just been in touch with Yvonne from PFA about getting someone to the 'stakeholder' meeting if it happens.

  5. bwahahaha plans are being hatched

  6. “bwahahaha plans are being hatched”

    Do they involve crashing a stakeholder meeting with fake beards?

    The Stonehenge wookies are certainly holding something but it’s quite something of an exaggeration to call it a stake.

  7. my beard is entirely natural, as to crashing, if it goes ahead then i will be there as a non-crashing attendee

  8. Sorry, Lee. Don’t you know that if you want to have your opinion on Stonehenge taken seriously then you need either a Santa Claus beard, an outfit stolen from the Robin of Sherwood wardrobe or a big plastic sword? All three for preference, of course.

    You could try being a professional archaeologist who just happens to be pagan, of course, but you'll have to have a better fairy story than the opposition up your sleeve, just in case.

  9. I see PFA have put something on Facebook about why reburial won't work.

  10. It’s also on their Blogspot. I’m particularly happy to see they’ve taken up that last point. It’s just common sense and HAD, along with it’s silly satellites, need to have this thrown into their face at every opportunity as they have no counterargument.